About Us

At TriMet Development we continue to deliver a record of distinction in value-add and opportunistic real estate investments to a discerningblueprint group of private investors and high net worth individuals. For over thirty years our principals have achieved attractive, above-average returns through recapitalization, renovation, and repositioning of existing properties and the development of new projects.


What sets us apart from other real estate companies is a highly selective, comprehensive approach to investment that combines our diversified experience with the ability to explore and implement new ideas for the creation of value. We continually search for ways to enhance a AboutUsChartproperty's unique characteristics and performance, carefully analyzing and responding to every market opportunity, thereby capturing the full potential of each investment.

Our Projects - Current and Completed - include apartment and condominium communities, retail centers, hotels, and office buildings, as well as the land entitlements and infrastructure construction for single-family residential neighborhoods. Please take a moment to review those that are profiled on this web site as they provide insight to both our aptitude and qualifications.